The largest and most reputable shoe repair service chain in Southern Africa.


Multiserv is continually improving the business practices that underpin the growth and retention of its customer base.  Through its dedicated and experienced staff, the company:

  • Provides a superior level of service, quality and reliability to its customers, in order to retain their respect and continued support for the way we conduct our business.
  • Offers
    • An affordable, exciting and enjoyable shopping experience to our customers.
    • Innovative products.
    • An improved shopping environment and personalised service.
  • Partners with our franchisees to build and sustain a profitable and valuable business opportunity to emerging, and established entrepreneurs.

Established in 1969 as a chain of heel bars in Johannesburg, Multiserv has developed into a leading franchise and retail services chain in Southern Africa.

Multiserv operates nationally with a growing portfolio of more than 160 stores.

Stores are located in prime locations in retail centres, where customers are offered:

  • expert shoe care and repair services,
  • key cutting services,
  • cellular and accessories,
  • remotes,
  • dry cleaning depots, and
  • carpet-cleaning machine rentals, and other related services.

We are constantly expanding our range to be ahead of the market in the products and services we offer.

For over forty years, Multiserv has prided itself on providing the finest quality services and products at reasonable prices through its highly skilled franchise operations.

Multiserv has established itself as the undisputed leader in the provision of shoe repair and associated services to the full demographic of the South African public.

Our unique three-month guarantee policy, and while-u-wait shoe repair service, differentiates us in the shoe repair industry, as does our second key, half price offering in the key duplication field.

Multiserv has remained at the forefront of its market since 1969.  It offers a low-cost, high-profit franchise business to emerging, and established entrepreneurs, using a highly successful formula, enabling its franchisees to prosper in an extremely lucrative market.

Our Guarantee

  • All stores offer a three-month guarantee on all materials and repairs.
  • While-u-wait service.
  • You can choose from a rapidly growing, national network of over 160+ stores.
  • Multiserv is the largest retailer in South Africa at the forefront of shoe repair and care, key cutting and associated services.

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