There's a Wimpy moment in every day!


Our Story Starts…

…in 1967, the year when man first walked on the moon. This is when we opened our first restaurant in Murchies Passage, Durban and 1000 people came through our doors! Since then we’ve inspired families and friends to come together for shared moments over meals. What followed were many memorable moments.

The 80’s. Prince Charles married Lady Diana and MTV and CNN are launched. We become the first sit-down restaurant to officially serve all South Africans. Yes, long before we became the Rainbow Nation, we were the Wimpy Family.

Back then, we also partnered with Mobil (now Engen) and took to the road, making sure that a Wimpy pit-stop is a part of every journey.

The 90’s. Dolly the sheep is cloned and the Springboks win the Rugby World Cup. Also, the delicious Wimpy Relish is added to our burgers and it’s a whole new flavour experience.

In 95 Wimpy is voted franchiser of the year, a great honour for the franchise that started it all.

The 00’s. Internet is turning the world into a global village and we’re introduced to Facebook and social media.

In the world of Wimpy, we are the first to introduce espresso-based coffees nationally through our Premium Blend Coffee Range, making coffee breaks a lot more special.
And yes, we will always “love it when you talk foreign”.

The 10’s. NASA starts exploring Mars, self-drive cars are here and Face Detecting Software can authorise payments.
In 2011, Wimpy reaches a mega milestone with the opening of our 500th restaurant, Wimpy, The Grove.
Our Braille campaign goes viral in 2012, earning the brand great praise.

Still the breakfast leaders in South Africa, Wimpy wins numerous awards. Clearly nothing beats a Wimpy Breakfast.
In 2017, we celebrate 50 years of memorable moments!

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