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The King Pie story is a special one, a story steeped in rich history and South African heritage. For the past 27 years, King Pie has pie-o-neered and delivered world-class pies to royal fans, becoming a brand that people across the country have come to know and love.

While King Pie has undergone transformation during the past 27 years, the group has evolved to become the established and well-loved company it is today, with stores across South Africa and the SADC region. King Pie operates world class food systems in the factories that are Export, Halaal and HACCP certified. It is theirvision to remain the leading pie brand and a superlative business in South Africa and neighbouring countries where they have a strong footprint.

The journey began way back in 1993, with the original concept going as far back as 1990. The King Pie ethos is simple, to ensure consistent quality, lovingly-created pies with outstanding tastes. In 1990, the King Pie bakery opened in Silverton, Pretoria. This unique bakery was ahead of its time, allowing customers the opportunity to witness and taste honest-to-goodness quality with no surprises. Using only the best ingredients, pies were baked daily in an open-styled bakery whereby patrons could witness the magic happening live, appealing to all five senses. This proved to be a popular activity for locals and customers would queue to purchase these tasty and flavour-packed local pies. After three years as a popular local bakery, the King Pie Franchise Group was born. Today, The King Pie Group consists of over 300 franchises and forms part of the Bidvest Group Limited.


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